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Bobby Brim [FR] aka Clementine Poirier is a [non-binary] transdisciplinary’ ’’’transmedia artist who composts their soul according to the cyborg entities they meet on their way. Fluid, creator of images, installations, situations, sounds and digital troubles_they are working? on elaborate data-producing monsters and exploring autonomous worlds. Pixxels,,decibels,,waves,,bodies & collectives are the concrete materials that allow them to probe the transgressive spaces in a post-postconspiracy world. 

During their navigations within multiple universes, Bobby Brim develops a hybrid transmedia artistic work.  From the semi-in situ choreographical situations [The Infrastructures of Cavities_ Teatro Bairo Alto_Lisboa _2023 / Mixing Salivas_Biennale Internationale de Casablanca_2022] to the evolving installation-laboratory [Veridics Desks, ZAT 2019, Montpellier /Tegeneria Domestica, Maison Daura, Saint Cirq Lapopie, 2020/.... ] to the transdisciplinary collective happening (Especement, Bandit-Mages, Bourges, 2016/. ...) to the live installation performance [Fractales, Musé des Augustins, Toulouse, 2019/Ikarius Shape Shifter, 8mm club, Berlin, 2018/. ..]  pedagogic processes [Porn Process_2022/ Récit.s de Soi.s workshop, Antrepeaux, Bourges, 2021/...] and durational collaboratives resesearches [My hut is a spectrum on electro-hypersensitive peoples and electromagnetic fields[FR]/ Meteorite Estatite EL-6 [MA] ]


Their work is part of a cyberfeminist and collective lineage.

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